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Featured Project

UCLA, Marion Anderson Hall, Gensler

Four stories of learning, administrative, and event spaces organized around an active atrium. Designed to adapt and support evolving business education models in technologically enhanced and acoustically-appropriate spaces.

To create this dynamic, student-centric learning environment, we focused on the juxtaposition of a bright, angular architecture with an earthy, soft material palette that modulates acoustics and imbues a unique sense of warmth and hospitality.

David Herjeczki, AIA

Design Principal, Gensler

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Perspective is everything—and sometimes, outside insight and inspiration is exactly what’s needed to help us see the bigger picture and think differently about the world around us. Our partnership with Gretchen Wagner gives us this guidance.

NEOCON | JUNE 8, 2023

Three Days in June 2023

Bring your appetite—for all things luxe design and elevated interiors.


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“If I weren’t involved with food, I’d be working in architecture. Design is that critical to me.” – Alice Waters, famous for creating the farm-to-table movement